Please read the testimonials below from clients that we have had the pleasure of working with.

My name is Martha Murphy and I was looking for a higher-end previously owned car but I didn't just want any car as my current car was a 1999 Toyota and has always been referred to as Molly my old lady car. Don't get me wrong it was a great car but I had outgrown it. A friend of mine suggested I check out Queen Compact Cars as he had bought his car there and told me they were a very reputable family owned business with a variety of higher end cars. I had been checking out Mazdas and found the perfect Mazda 3 on Joe and Mario's lot - it was a 5 speed, the perfect colour and was exactly what I wanted. I live in the country so a 5 speed is fun to drive as there is not much traffic. I wanted to test drive the car but was a little nervous in the City so Joe said I will take you out for a test drive and we can find a parking lot for you to try it - very accommodating. I decided it was the perfect car for me and Joe said he would have his mechanics do a thorough check on the car before I picked it up. When I picked up the car I was surprised to find out that Joe had replaced all of the tires as they were a little worn. I was shocked that a City dealer would go to such great lengths to make me feel special and safer about my purchase. So, if you are looking for a excellent high quality pre-owned car with the extra special care from a family who has been in the business for over 30 years check out Queen Compact Cars at

Martha Murphy

Just wanted to thank you for the super Mini Clubman and service that you provided for me last weekend.  I am thrilled at the car and good to know it came from a fine establishment like yours.  I am sure you have a solid reputation in the Beaches and TO. It was also nice to meet and talk to your dad. I appreciate the chance to buy from a family run business like yours.
Hope you make many more new Mini owners as happy as I am right now.

Brian Fones

Hi my name is Anthony Bennett I live in North York and was looking for a good reliable family car with lots of storage room but I was not entirley sure what I wanted. I was told about Queen Compact Cars by a friend who had bought a vehicle there and had nothing but good things to say so I decided to go check them out. Right away I felt a very friendly and non aggressive enviorment Joe was very helpful and was extemley knowledgable and helped me pick out a great Volvo XC90 SUV. The vehicle has been great and the level of service I recieved was excellent. I got a great deal. Thanks guys.

Anthony Bennett

I would just like to take the time to thank Queen Compact Cars for my recent experience buying a used car from their lot. 

This is the second car I have purchased from Joe and Mario, so when I contacted Joe to tell him what I was looking for he remembered me from our previous interaction and was immediately friendly and helpful. He took my wants and my budget and was very diligent in looking for a car based on my specifications.

When Joe found the car for me, I was more than pleased and couldn't be happier with the result. With the budget I had, I never expected to get the level of quality I got from Joe and Queen Compact Cars. I truly felt like Joe had my best interests at heart and I really appreciate all of the help I've received from Queen Compact Cars on this purchase and all of the service I have received there over the years.

I have always, and will continue to, recommend them to my friends.

Joel Doucette

I have lived in the beach for 30 years, have been a happy VW owner for last 14. I needed to make a new purchase, and was thinking of a change, so began to visit import dealers in Toronto. A neighbourhood friend referred me to Queen Compact Cars which I learned is a family owned business in the beach for over 40 years. She’d just bought her new car here and was so pleased.

The experience turned out to be perfect for me, the huge range of pre-owned import cars – make, model and year/price – made comparison shopping easy. Joseph Geremia was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, with a no pressure approach, and let me know if there wasn’t something on the lot that interested me he would watch for a vehicle that fit my wish list. So unlike the dealerships that I had been visiting.

The car I decided on was beach-family owned and serviced by Queen Compact Cars so the service record was available. This is typical since Queen Compact Cars has a loyal neighbourhood client base. Joseph took care of the licensing and ownership and helped me get rid of my vehicle. Soon after purchase he followed up with me, and immediately helped with a couple of small issues that had come up, at no charge. I am so reassured to know I can continue to have the car serviced at Queen Compact Cars and feel that I am getting expert and honest advice.

I couldn’t be happier with my new Volvo. With confidence I am referring family and friends to this ‘treasure’ in the beach when they are looking for a change in vehicle, and I will definitely return to Queen Compact Cars when I want to make my next purchase.

Julie Williams

I have lived in the Beach area for 32 years and my household has purchased 9 vehicles from QUEEN COMPACT CARS (Supra, 320i, MR2, Jetta, Pathfinder, Mazda 6, Safari van, Mazda MPV and Kia). That should say it all really... great cars, service, and mechanical expertise. They have made shopping for a vehicle a simple one-stop procedure for 32 years!

Charlie Gray

 I've known Mario over 20 years now and have watched Joseph grow up to take his place alongside his father at Queen Compact Cars. I must have purchased a dozen cars (and the odd motorcycle) over these years for myself and my family and every time I did, it was coupled with careful advice and great service from the both of them.

It's obvious that Mario and Joseph believe that keeping customers happy ensures that they come back year after year. They certainly have got that right!

It truly is a local family business that is part of our community.

Brent Farrell

Mario is the man. He sold my wife her pride and joy Mini Cooper and she loves it. He went looking for it, and was cheaper than anyone else.

Many friends have bought their cars from Mario, and I know of someone who bought a black Nissan sports from him nearly 8 years ago - and it was 6 years old then. It is still growing strong, and he plans to give it to his daughter when she is old enough - in another 8 years!

Glen Manorite

Having bought three vehicles from Mario over the last twelve years, an 89 Jeep Cherokeee, a 95 Nisaan 240sxse and my current work truck a 2000 GMC Sierra Pick up. I was nervous about buying used vehicles as Used Car Dealers have a similar reputation to roofers. However I would not buy another vehicle without Queen Compact Cars, in fact if you let Mario know what you're looking for he could probably find you a fine example within your budget parameters.

The Beach Roofer

I am writing to express my great pleasure looking back over 29 years of dealing with the Geremia family and Queen Compact Cars.

My wife and I moved to The Beach in Toronto in 1984, and began dealing with Queen Compact Cars that spring for service to our VW GTI.   We’d heard they were very good and they were.   In 1985 I bought an MGB from Mario – and every car I’ve owned since but one, even though we left Toronto in 1989 (we still have the MGB).   We feel it is worth the trip back to the city in order to buy a car with confidence.  We always know we are being offered a fair price and if we need help afterwards, Mario and Joe will look after us.

Last week it came time to replace our last car – we met with Mario and Joe to look at a car I saw on the website but Mario said after greeting us “Gordon, I think you should drive this one” indicating another one.  We drove it, liked it, then bought it.  I think it’s going to be another good car, thank you!  Mario, your advice is always good.    

Gordon Laco

Bought several cars from Queen Compact Cars. Very happy. Also use the place for service and repairs. Sent several friends there as well - feedback is without exception positive. Great service - top notch integrity.

Rune G. Nilssen

Meeting Joseph and Mario at Queen Compact Cars opened our minds to buying our first used car. We can easily see why their family-run business in The Beaches has succeeded for decades and earned the reputation of being: 'Classic'.

We're completely happy with our vehicle and their service has been outstanding.

Our thanks to everyone at Queen Compact Cars.  

Lawrence and Jan Gowan

Great overall experience from the day I stepped foot in the dealership to the day I left. I received the best service from everyone and felt safe, excellent and knowing I made a great decision driving away with the car I selected

Brooke Ridgeway

This place is the real deal. A local family-run business with quality products and amazing service.

Alixander Beck

I always get great service here! They always go above and beyond.

Jen Reilley

Again, shouldn't everyone have their car cared for by a guy named Mario!

First Class family biz - it's no 'accident' you're about to celebrate 44 years, excellence has its rewards.

Vince MacDonald

My experience with Queen Compact Cars has been very positive. Joseph helped me pick just the right car. He was patient and helpful...never any pressure. The maintenance has been a piece of cake . They are so conveniently close to home and friendly.

I will buy my next car from them....and the one after that! 

Jennifer Giles

Once again, great customer service by Mario, Teresa, Joe and Annalisa! Just got my car back with my list of 'fix-ups' complete. They are THE best! 

Catherine Rouse

 Was heading off to the cottage, loaded to the hilt, including our cat. Noticed the back tire was low. I went to check it with my Tire gauge but soon as I touched the valve it fell inside the tire, leaving a big hole.

Put the cat back in the house, drove up the street to Queen compact Cars at Wineva and Queen. Mario, the owner, looked at it and said 'you leave me no choice but to fix it right now myself, my mechanics are on holiday'. So he moved some cars, got me into a bay, and within 20 minutes he'd inserted a new valve. 'You're good to go' he said, and I went, picked up the cat, and headed up north.

I can't help but reflect on the fact that it's people like Mario who make our neighborhood special. He gets my Gold medal of the day.

Erwin Buck

Great Service! Always try to give their customers a Good Price which we do appreciate! The car we bought from Joe has been Great and we have always been satisfied with any Maintenance and Car Repairs done! Mario is always available for my car questions!

Thanks Queen Compact! 

Karen Stokes

Thanks for all of your help and great service over the years. You will always be my first stop for service.

Anthony Dimilta

I have purchased 3 vehicles from these guys (Mini,Volvo and Land Rover). I have been extremely happy with all vehicles putting over 200k on each one of them. You walk in here pick from their high quality inventory, get a decent trade in price for your 'old' vehicle and drive out shortly with your new car.

Joseph is a well caring individual who will go above and beyond to ensure that you are happy with your purchase, even 30 days after you bought the car. These guys have been here for over 30 years and will continue to get my business.  

Sergio Otoya

Fantastic service! Joe and Mario have been great to deal with over the years - their service is quick, honest, and reliable - and they are super-friendly! 

Diane Penwill

Exceptional service! They are honest, reliable and go above and beyond to meet all of their clients' needs in a very timely manner. Couldn't be happier with their expertise and quality of work! 

Nikki Xinos


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