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What Tires Are Best for my Car?

When selecting the best tires for your car, there are a lot of things to think about. Your car's handling and performance can be affected by the temperature, tread pattern, kind of rubber, and weather. Make sure to check out the benefits of the following types of tires:

Winter Tires

When there is a lot of snow and ice, winter tires are essential. Their blocky tread and siping, which are small slits in the tread, are made to grab snow and push away slush. For a more aggressive grip, some designs may have studs, their material can remain flexible in freezing temperatures. Best for weather below 7° C.

All Weather Tires

Lighter winter weather, such as significant rainfall and snowfall, is ideal for all-weather tires. They are made with a combination of blocky tread that disperses slush and offers stability, as well as delicate handling for warmer temperatures. Both above and below 7° C, their substance may maintain its flexibility.

All Season

Warm, dry, and wet weather may all be handled with all-season tires. They are intended to offer grip in hotter weather. Has thinner tread that is inappropriate for slush or snow. In order to endure longer, they are composed of a harder material than All-Weather and Winter tires. Best for weather 7° C and above